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Okolona Fire, 957,

 Okolona Fire 957,

Attention all Firemen,

 we have a Fireman down.....

Okolona Fire to unit 957,

Okolona Fire to unit 957,

 Attention all Firemen Standby for one message.


 Attention all Firemen, Okolona Fire Department,

Firefighter Christopher Thomas is now 10-7, laid to rest.

  Heavan Fire Department,

 Firefighter Christopher Thomas is 10-8 on eternal duty.


written by

Bruce Cantrell (I think)

message went out over scanner at the funeral.



Christopher's love for firetrucks started very early

as you can see. We visited the fire department on

a regular bases.



Christopher loved the fire department.




His own special number.


One of Christopher's friends Andrew

first race car gets a new number.

Jerry West (a fireman and Andrew's step dad.) thought it was appropriate

to use Christopher's fireman's number as his

Race car number. Pretty special don't you think!!!!

pictures on the track will come later but for now

this will have to do.  Just proves that Christopher

touched so many hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Practice for the Pinto with new number.


hangs in the Okolona Fire Department


A special gift from special friends



Christopher's last ride. Down Main street on top of

the fire engine. I know he was proud of those guys




The cross the Fire Department put up in memory of

a fallen fireman at the wreck site.

One of the volunteer fireman/woman got the stickers

going and now they are everywhere, known now as

the Christopher sticker. Such a special honor to be

remembered in such a way by so many.  This is the one on my

car I added" our son" to mine.


Everyone says their are angels all around us and I had the pleasure of living with one for 16 wonderful years and now have to best to watch over me.


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